What’s the point?

The purpose of this blog is to share and educate people all over the world about the differences and similarities of ideas, traditions, philosophies, and history of people and places I have visited from a lifetime of traveling abroad.  My opinions that I express do not come from either a western or eastern way of thinking.  Instead, I try to conjure my thoughts expressed to be based solely upon experience, scientific deduction, education, and philosophy so that all people from all over may read this and only see the facts and not the fiction.  I don’t claim a country to call home, (but I do have documents unavoidably saying otherwise), because I see the entire world as my home and all the citizens of all the nations as my neighbors.  I am not an expert in sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, or history but am simply an intermediate between the people who would like to learn of distant places and to experience for themselves.
I also write this so to encourage those who are afraid of the unknown, fear that they might get lost in a country that they don’t speak or read the lingua franca, to overcome this and achieve their dreams.  Many of the places I have visited I either didn’t speak or hardly knew the language and still was able to communicate.  If you can express and understand body language you can communicate.
All photographs and pictures I did not take or make myself are the property of the original authors.  If any of these authors have a comment or wish for me to remove one or more of their photographs from my publishings please contact me at exterior2living@gmail.com


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