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It has become next to impossible to squeeze a clear day now out from between two rainy ones.  Looking outside now and the weather is very dreary.

Yesterday I decided to brave the elements and went across to the neighboring penninsula for a walk in the woods known as the, “Two Churches Walk”. It was an easy romp through the wild on a flat path.  Even with muddy parts on the trail the walk lasted for about 45 minutes. By some divine intervention it happened to not rain on me during my entire outing.  The walk is properly named so because it begins at a 6th century church and winds inbetween a few hills until it gets to another church more modern to the first one.

Afterwards, there was a short drive over to Boreraig which is at the most northwesterly end of the Isle of Skye.  Here lived the founder and creator of the modern bagpipe.  A cairn was erected in honor.

6th century church equipped with a creepy graveyard where local the clan leaders are buried

Inside the ruins I find the resting place of the Macleods

Celtic crosses. In the background a standing stone erected by people of pre-history

A walk through the woods, worthy of Bach’s cello prelude to Suite no.1

Remnants of a past civilization. A Well? Foundations?

At the end of the walk. In front of the second church


A piper next to cairn. Overlooking Loch Dunvegan

Inscription on the cairn. Gallic?

Braving the wind to honor the cairn

Typical Skye landscape with ominous weather